Sun kissed

I sat in the sun today with a hot cup of coffee and closed my eyes. The candy-yellow light warming the outside of my eyelids and burning off the last trappings of stress over last night’s nightmares.

It was mom again. Two nights in a row, here on vacation. I can’t escape her — even at age 32. She’s still pawing at the underbelly of my spirit, quashing every wild burst I have. I wish she would melt away like the morning dew in today’s sunshine.

This time of year is especially hard on depressives. We lack the needed vitamin B from summer sunlight during the doldrums of winter. The skies are always a bleak and vacant gray, providing but a thin veneer to yesterday. Each dreary day just rolls into the next, with the same slate clouds and hazy air.

I hate wintertime in Buffalo.

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