Musical escape

Flickering shadows dance on the wall. A cool breeze floats to and fro, before me and beyond me. I smell cinnamon and spice, apple and warm flame. Streaks of streetscape file in on the far side of the room.

A violin is hitting the high notes of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” changing keys like a maestro’s conducting stick changes direction. The light is low, I am alone, my hair wispy over my face.

All is very well.

My world, for just a few moments, is a collection of distorted shapes, sizes and sounds. There is the stringy sound of a distant voice, the rattling of glass and the see saw of violas, violins and cellos birthing the most beautiful song the world has ever heard.

I hear something more — I hear relief, like the first few moments when I was set free of three years of excruciating depression.

What madness created such beauty?

There’s such healing in this composition. Bend your ear for just a moment … you’ll hear power, triumph, wild beauty and joy burst forth from each throbbing note. “Da da da da, da da-da-da-da, da da-da-da da da da daaaahhhhhhhh………..”

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