Love across the lines

imagesI got a call this morning before I even left for work. It was my boyfriend. I knew something was up.

My man is in the US Air Force, only four more years to go until retirement. He found out last month that a six-month deployment out of the country was a possibility. Today, he told me it’s a likelihood.

We will know by the end of the day if he will be sent overseas for my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s and all the great autumn and winter holidays. Perhaps even during the Easter season.

For those who don’t know, on June 1, I moved to Dallas, TEXAS from Buffalo, NEW YORK to live closer to my boyfriend, who is in Shreveport, LOUISIANA. He told me about a month ago that this deployment was possible, but things had been looking great and it seemed he wouldn’t have to go.

Each weekend, one of us travels so we can spend time together. Me (and my Lab Toby) to Shreveport, or my boyfriend here to Dallas. Last weekend he took me to see Bryan Adams in concert (more on that to come later). He booked a mini dinner cruise for us to come in autumn and a Swedish massage for me the next time I visit Louisiana.

Now it seems he will be gone in a week’s time.

My theme for this blog is The Sacred Journey, borne out of an album from the early 1990s. The group First Call does a brilliant job of capturing the phases of life and love with God on this record. Today feel’s like a “Thank You, Lord,” kind of day. 

Thank You, Lord for Your tenderness…telling me that it’s alright…You’ve given my a place to rest…

My boyfriend is a total dream boat. Spending time with him is magical, transporting me back to times when I was still in wonder of life and love. At the same time, time near him also moves me forward into emotions I’ve never yet experienced.

…Oh I really love You, Lord, And every day I love You more…Oh I really need You, Lord, and every day I need You more…


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