Runnin’ Rudolph


Tonight was my first training for the Reindeer Romp this coming December 7. The romp is a 4.2 mile run around the South Lakes Park neighborhood in Denton, Texas. 

I love Christmas, and I’ve always wanted to run. I’m hoping to meet my goal of being able to run this race, instead of just walking it. My boyfriend is a runner and I’m also hoping to talk him into joining me on the romp.

My training right now is just being done on my own, but I’ve totally up for advice. Here are my goals:

  • End of week 1: Run/Walk every other minute for 20 minutes with a brief break at 10 minutes.
  • End of August: Run 1 mile
  • End of September: Run 2 miles
  • End of October: Run 3 miles
  • End of November: Run 4 + miles

My first “training” session was intense since I haven’t run in years. I was sweating like a hog, and the fitness room I was in had no cups for water and no paper towels to wipe down the machines (or to mop my face with!). The first minute of running was killer — my lungs burned and my throat felt raw.

The second minute (after 2 minutes of walking) was even worse. The left side of my chest was aching and I caught a cramp in my right side.

My second set of running (just 6 minutes this time) found my right shin feeling a splint coming on. I piped the newest PCD record into my ears as I sliced tomahawk chops into the air in front of me.

I needed a drink of water, but I was motivated and felt a lot better about my running capabilities.

Tomorrow’s another day!

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