imagesTonight I went running for my second training session. It was about 8:45 p,m. and I was exhausted already from a long day. And a long week.

But I stretched and plugged in my ear buds, ready for a workout. I had been hydrating myself since about 3 p.m. and felt flexible. My feet were sore (I have plantar fasciitis that is being treated) so I was worried about my run.

And I should have been. About two minutes into it, my right side was searing with a cramp and my heart felt like it would pop right out of my chest. Ouch. What was this? I thought running would get easier the more I did it.

Perhaps it will. I made it through my run and then stretched and finished my workout, making sure my muscles were loose again.

Back home, I whipped up a protein shake with Pure Power chocolate protein powder, a cup of non-fat vanilla yogurt, 5 ice cubes and a cup of water. Yum. I’m hoping my body won’t be in as much pain as it was the day after my last run training.

For now, the bottoms of my feet ache and I am ready to sleep for a year. But my second run is in the bag. Wahooo!

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