Girlfriend’s Guide: What works; what doesn’t

imagesI’ve been thinking lately that men just don’t have a fair shake at meeting the expectations of their women. How could they? We change like cloud formations.

Of course, we still expect our men to be mind readers, predicting and anticipating our relentless female mood swings, cravings, passions and emotions. How unsavory of us.

In my “Girlfriend’s Guide” I will showcase what male behaviors don’t work (in general) for us, their X-chromosome paramours. Then I’ll offer ideas for comparable “acceptable” actions. Hope you don’t take it too seriously. ;0)

What doesn’t work: Blowing up the world’s oxygen with on-purpose bodily functions.

What works: Letting one rip and laughing with us about it — once. in. a. while.

Doesn’t work: Asking us if we’re paying halfway through a dinner you’ve ordered three courses for.

Works: Let us pay now and then, but make sure we’re the ones offering our greenbacks.

Doesn’t work: Allowing us to chauffeur you around like a mom in a minivan.

Works: Ask us to drive at night sometimes because you’re tired and want to view the evening silhouettes.

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