Destroy deploy

imagesI have the feeling that tonight is going to be a long night in the Stagecoach household. It’s the last night me and my boyfriend will have to worry over his possible deployment this time around.

We found out about this possibility just over a month ago.

Tomorrow, the airplane to ********** takes off from the air base runway. It leaves at 10 a.m. Or it’s supposed to. I have the feeling I’ll be checking my texts a lot during the day tomorrow.

If he doesn’t go, we have lots of things planned for the autumn. Michael W. Smith concert. Boat cruise (locally). Hiking in the parks with Toby (yellow Lab). Seeing the sites in Dallas. Hot apple cider. Days at the lake.

I just can’t imagine what I’ll do if he has to go.

I will have to fill my days with busyness to drown out the howl of loneliness. Toby and I will find lots of things to do for him to play and meet other dogs. Heck, we might even get that baby Lab he’s been asking me for. ;0)

There are plenty of things I will have to do if my boyfriend leaves. But everything is so much sweeter with him by my side.

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