On the verge (of panic).

imgresI’m extremely frustrated today. It feels like nothing is getting solved, no matter how much effort I put in. When will all this chaos die?

The DMV … (enough said there, huh?)

The absence of response from my college’s advisement desk.

The dilemma of graduate education and expense.

My father’s health.

My sister’s stress.

John Kerry’s ties??? lol (OK, that one was just a joke)

As I sit here watching the news, I wonder to myself: “However am I going to pay my bills on time? Will I be able to keep up with my household chores? How am I supposed to fit in workouts, healthy eating, church, socials, time with my dog and a serious relationship?

I just want to make one decision at a time. Just one bite from each course of the meal. Life is just moving so fast.


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