To say thanks

I’ve been pretty much a total downer lately. In answer to that, I’m going to post, each day, something specific that I’m thankful for. No family, friends, God easy-way-out items here. We’re talking specific.

imgresHope you’ll follow me and keep me on my toes as I go along for the next 90 days. I’ll post them on Facebook each day and compile details on my blog.

Thanks for reading the things I post and write about!

Here a few things to prime the thankful pump:

Day 1: 

  • I’m thankful for breakfast this morning with Brent. He treated me to IHOP and stayed in Dallas a little longer today because I told him I wanted to have coffee together this week. Love him ;0)
  • Thankful for the world’s inventors who have given us electricity, including cooling devices like the air conditioner, the ceiling and oscillating fan, the freezer, the pool and ice (that last one would be God’s invention ;0) ).
  • Communication has come light years from the stone ages. Tonight I’m thankful for the cell phone, with texting and the ability to store phone numbers for easy redial.

Day 2: I know it’s early, but today I’m #thankful for the advances in science and medicine that have allowed people with major depression — like myself — to have some rest at night.

Day 3: The incredible pain my feet have had for the past three years is no more and I’m so#thankful to Dr. Rick Smith here in Carrollton for getting me on the road to healing.

Day 4: I’m #thankful for President George W. Bush for his leadership and thankful to those who made a difference on Sept. 11, 2001.

Day 5: Today I’m #thankful for a sound mind, as Timothy eloquently boasts, goes quite well with power and love.

Day 6: (Making up for yesterday) #thankful for these beautiful roses from my Brent and my neighbor who took them inside while I’m away.

Day 7: Yummm homemade chicken fried steak and this tasty plate made for me by my Brent#thankful for his cooking!

Day 8: Tonight’s special edition of #thankful is brought to you by really insensitive and selfish person(s) I know right now. So thank You Jesus for bearing with me when I’m selfish and insensitive. Help me to forgive and to trust You.

Day 9: I already have something to be #thankful for today: my supervisor at work is just a total gem. He has really helped me to improve my Geico game and he makes all of us on his “team” feel appreciated. Thanks Bruce!

Day 10: #Thankful for the little breaks at work that help distract me from the monotony of answering phone calls. Great training today!

Day 11: Whoops! I missed yesterday. I was #thankful for the new friends I’ve made at work. They help the day go by fast, and make me feel like a part of the Dallas crows. So great to meet all of them!

Day 12: I love him, but tonight I’m #thankful that #BillyRayCyrus is not my father. Man can he sing, and MAN is he handsome. But why didn’t he stand up for his morals last night on CNN?

Day 13: Getting a jump on things: I’m #thankful for cool weather that shocked the goosebumps right onto my tank-top clad shoulders this morning. What a surprise! Walked Toby a bit longer today and felt refreshed for the first time in a long time while being outside. Couple more months….this should be a regular thing. Awesome morning, Jesus!

Day 14: A bonus #thankful post for a wonderful day with my awesome team at work! Donuts from the boss + laughs and stories from the rest of the gang. Thanks guys! — with Lucy Jabalera.

Day 15: Today I’m #thankful that I can turn down the AC and open the windows tonight. I really needed to air out the place — dog dander, Buffalo wing sauce, months-old humidity, stuffy air — and get some fresh oxygen into our apartment. So happy for the cooler climes.

Day 16: #Thankful for ginger ale and ginger tea. I have always hated them both, but boy do they keep the nausea at bay! Something about post nasal drip and early mornings makes me want to gack.

Day 17: Today was a long day. I was up much of the night with more stomach pain, just like the night before. I am #thankful that I made it to work and all went well there. I’m tired of being ill, folks. God bless the autumn and spring seasons.

Day 18: Had a great evening tonight with some great ladies. Pizza and a few cold ones made for a relaxing time. #Thankful for my Dallas friends ;0)

Day 19: Going to the doctor! #Thankful for an appointment tomorrow morning. This stomach stuff is too much. Hoping for a rather simple report. ;0)

Day 20: Good day, even better evening. I could get used to this. #Thankful for finally finding a super nice and helpful physician.

Day 21: I’m really #thankful for my sister today. She has gone through a lot of this same stomach illness and is a huge support to me. I miss her so much, but I’m happy she’s finally happy again ;0) Love you Amy O’Brien

Day 22: Had a wonderful day with my Sweetheart doing life ;0) How he makes me laugh. Thanks Brent, for making my year today (you know what I’m talking about…;0) ). You’re a very generous, selfless, loving boyfriend. You’re the best!

Day 23: Today…#thankful for a good day…not getting killed on the way home at that light…and the love of a handsome blonde Texan man.

Day 24: Today I’m #thankful for my new boss. I don’t know her too well just yet, but I think she’s going to really help my GEICO game. PART 2: I’m also #thankful that my awesome friend Heather Cataldo is finally feeling healthy and happy!

Day 25: Geez…#thankful that I didn’t puke today. Another one of those autumn moments I wish would flee like the leaves in the wind.

Day 26: Had a great day at work today. The time flew, and for some reason I was REALLY happy ;0) Good deal. #Thankful to God for getting me through 1 day w/out severe nausea. LOVE you Dude!

Day 27: #thankful for patience. I don’t normally have much of it, but prayer and determination have paid off.

Day 28: #thankful for peace. I’ve been very overwhelmed lately and unaware of which way to go. This peace has been truly holy.

Day 29: #thankful for the awesome staff and facilities at Baylor Medical Center here in Carrollton. Best hospital experience ever. Oh…and a special bonus #thanks goes out to morphine :0)

Day 30: OK, officially doped up good: 2 acid pills, 1 hydrocodone, 1 elixir, 1 anti-nausea pill and 1 pill to heal potential bacteria-drilled holes in my stomach. I do NOT feel like being #thankful today. But, a night at the ER (thank you Brent for that GPS to find a nearby hospital!), being pumped full of morphine and other drugs, after a long, very uncomfortable sonogram of my belly and side, a rotten evening of pain, and after 4 hours of sleep, a long day at work with more pain after lunch…I find reason to give thanks for the end of the day.

Day 31: What? What? #thankful for an entire night of great sleep!!!

Day 32: Ahhh day #32…#thankful for a great relationship with my hilarious, thoughtful and happy sister. Not everyone is blessed with one. I consider myself given a treasure to guard lovingly and wisely.

Day 33: Today some folks I know lost their sweet baby golden retriever. I sob inside with them. I am #thankful for my dear Toby, who curls up with me nightly, snuggles closer than humanly possible, and licks my face. I won’t even tell you how awesome each morning is waking up to Mr. Handsome Whiskers here. Love you boy!

Day 34: OK…I need to be #thankful for something today — and I am. I’m thankful for my parents, who raised me to be responsible, healthy and wise. A friend’s little sister lost her boyfriend last week in a drug-related shooting. So sad…thanks mom and dad for teaching me to be safe and Godly. — with Bill Nemeth.

Day 35: Had a fantastic day today! Long morning sleep with my handsome beast at my side…then caught up on Scandal, some homework and a long chat with Dad. I miss him ;-( Topped the night off with a talk with my man, who I love beyond measure.#Thankful for a day of rest and restoration.

Day 36: Today was super relaxing. I slept until 2:45 PM! I’m #thankful for a warm bed, a warm comforter and a warm doggie next to me each night.

Day 37: Today I had a really agressively mean customer on the phone. I have never heard so many curses mixed with perversities in one minute in my life! I’m #thankful that God made me strong and that He helped me stay calm on that call … and blow off steam after the caller hung up ;0)

Day 38: Ahh….what a good day. Walked outside after work tonight to Buffalo style weather. Yahoo! I’m #thankful that I can open the windows tonight :*)

Day 39: Long day…but it went by fast. #thankful for that tonight.

Day 40: I had just a wonderful day today! A beautiful morning drifted into some down time with the boy (woof!) then a short shift at work. Now home to relax and catch up on Scandal! Super #thankful!

Day 41: Yesterday…#thankful for the little e-notepad on my PC that I can use to hide the click at work. Seems to make time go faster :0)

Day 42: I’m so #thankful that today is over. I couldn’t seem to sleep last night and I wanted to crawl under my desk at work until my violent headache dissipated. Here’s to skipping OT at work and snuggling with the dogger instead ;0)

Day 43: Rough day… Good day, but realized that my life is about to radically change. I need this. It’s OK to been broken sometimes. #thankful for a friend at work today who reminded me to say a little prayer to calm my frayed nerves.

Day 44: What a wonderful day! Productive, yet restful. Went to bed at 5:30 and woke up about 9. Great to relax. Also, got to chat with my Honey Bear Brent for a while and hear about him as a tiny blonde boy toting his IV cart down the hospital wing, headed for the kid phone booth. I’m #thankful for this entire day.

Day 45: Yesterday was a great day! I’m #thankful for a great and fun hair stylist who gave me a “do” that’s way better than what I was wanting.

Day 46: And today I’m #thankful for a slow, easy, relaxing morning to watch the news and get some homework done. Also #thankful for fresh, cool, clean air and the amazing scent of my boyfriend’s cologne ;0)

Day 47: #Thankful for eHarmony today ;0)

Day 48: Been a long day…#thank You God for waking me up before I had to leave for work. And #thank You for Starbucks, which is open til 10 near my house. #thankful

Day 49: Today I’m #thankful for Fadwa, who encouraged me and offered a way to get past my negative feelings. ;0)

Day 50: Today my #thanks goes out to someone who just made me realize how much I need Jesus.

Day 51: Today…..was a good day at work. I’m #thankful for the soothing music of the BTC that set my eyes skyward on the way in.

Day 52: #Thankful last night for a great time out with the Jabalera family. LOTS of laughs ;0)

Day 53: Super #thankful for the nice lonnnnng walk me and Toby had today in the gorgeous weather. We even got a bit lost, which was just dreamy. He’s such a trooper b/c the poor thing was so tired and thirsty, but he climbed our stairs at the end of the walk and got a big ole bowl of water. Then it was off for a little rest and a full body rub down under the ceiling fan with mom.

Day 54: #thankful for all you wonderful folks who helped me celebrate my 33rd. Bless you!

Day 55: Found some kindling outside and hoping it dries out fast so I can use it tonight. So#thankful for this fireplace.

Day 56: Yesterday: #thankful for the book theBrent bought me for my birthday — Bill O’Reilly‘s Killing Jesus. Can’t wait to start the read.

Day 57: “I’ve been known to run but I can’t hide. I can’t get away from the light inside.” –GC Today I’m #thankful for the icy cold weather.

Day 58: I’m really #thankful today that my sweetheart is feeling better after a visit to the doctor. ;0) Rest well, Baby! — with Brent Bays.

Day 59: #thankful for a great chat last night with my best girl friend.

Day 60: #Thankful today for my sweetheart, who lovingly kept my won ton soup warm on the stove last night for when I got into town.

Day 61: #thankful for being finished with my stats class.

Day 62:  #thankful for the smell of contained fires burning in the cold twilight air.





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