Tear therapy

imgres— I had initially intended this post to be about some depression I have been facing the past couple days.

But a conversation I had tonight with my boyfriend took me to one of the most cathartic places I’ve been in a while.

The distance was penetrable, and began to tear up, then to sob. At the point that my words became unintelligible I realized just how much good it was doing for me to break down before another person.

What is it about a good cry that washes away the grainy pain from our soul like water when you feel a speck in your eye?


I woke up earlier today than normal for me. After waking up almost every two hours last night, I decided it would be nice to sit and watch the news with a cup of coffee before work. Toby has been refreshed and walked and I can relax for about 15 minutes.

The nation is at odds, just like myself inside. I had a miserable day yesterday. It’s just unbelievable how just a few simple words can totally pull me undone. The details don’t really matter, but the fallout is very important.

The weight of depression is inexpressible. To many of my friends, I probably sound like a human echo chamber, possibly even repetitive to the point of aggravating. I feel like I might be able to stop trying to describe depression when someone sufficiently does it.


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