Life lessons from a Labrador

My little boy smiling for the camera.

My little boy smiling for the camera.

There aren’t many things I’ve learned on my own. My parents have poured wisdom into my life, as have professors and teachers, friends, pastors and public figures.

I’ve always loved to read and have gleaned many lessons from them. Throw in a little life experience and you’ve got you’re regular ‘ole human understanding.

Then I got a dog.

My yellow Lab has taught me so many things about life and love — I can’t possibly remember them all. But I learn from Toby multiple times daily. Sometimes, this 8-year-old puppy has the best words of wisdom.

Here’s one of my favorites:

“Snuggle up to your mom closer than you thought was possible, then curl up and stick your muzzle in her face. Then breathe. She seems to really like this.

Mom also feels really warm and soft and I know I’m safe in her arms, especially at night when the place gets dark. Her breath smells pretty good too.

Once in a while, wake up and dance around on the bed some. She will wake up and pet you, talk to you in her sweet voice and pull you close to her again. That’s the best.”

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