Update: Thankful Challenge

Today’s Day 34 of my “90 Days of Thankful” personal challenge.

Just over a month ago, I threw down the gauntlet for myself. The past year has included lots of negative talk and a major downer attitude. Now I’m not much for challenges, but I really wanted to refocus on the things that are truly blessings in my life. I can’t believe how many of them I’ve missed along the way.

Now, nearing the halfway point, I’m finding it difficult to be thankful. Why? Because of a series of unfortunate events.

So it’s easy to be thankful in the good times, isn’t it? It’s a real pain in the bum when life throws you curve balls. I admit: I’m not super agile in those types of situations. I like predictability, plans and punctuality. If I can predict what will happen, I can plan for it and get it all under control. I’m happy when I have control. At least some of it.

So being thankful doesn’t orbit “being in control.” Rather, reasons to be thankful swoop in and throughout the hum drum of plain old, out-of-control daily grind. If this is true, I can be thankful for anything, anytime, anyway.


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