Girlfriend’s Guide #2

In this incarnation of Girlfriend’s Guide I will hash out what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to communication. Everyone who’s been in a relationship knows about this battle. But don’t fret: here are some simple tips to keep you and your sweetheart from bungling your banter.

Please take the poll at the end of this post and weigh in on what not to say!

What Works:

Calling your woman in the morning while she’s having her breakfast (just to let her know you’re thinking of her) is a great idea! Just be sure it’s not too early, and NOT too often.

What Doesn’t Work:

Please, men, don’t call your woman in the middle of the night UNLESS it’s an emergency. It’s unfair to wake us up during beauty rest and still expect us to look amazing the next day.

What Works:

Send a romantic card in the mail once in a while is a great way to let your girlfriend know she’s a) on your mind; and b) you put more thought into it than sending a text message.

What Doesn’t Work:

A greeting card that makes a fart sound when you open it. Not. Cool.

What Works: 

Telling us how you feel is really important, Guys. Remember, we aren’t mind readers either. I know, I know. It’s not always fun to stumble over your heart pouring out of your mouth. But for the sake of all things good and decent, please speak up! Actions simply aren’t enough.

What Doesn’t Work: 

Please don’t sling the same phrase around over and over. If you love her, tell her, and try to personalize it. Saying “I love you for you” only works the first time and when I’m feeling depressed.

2 thoughts on “Girlfriend’s Guide #2

  1. Yea, cards that fart? Not cool, people! Not cool:P hehe

    I can see a guy (not me) reading this while standing by the phone, trying to decide if it’s a good time to call or what to say:P But, his face looks zombified.

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