Follow up: Homeless man’s plight

Quick update about the injured man from yesterday’s post: Jimmy scared me to death this morning as I came around the corner with Toby on our rainy morning walk.

“Your beautiful paws are all muddy, Babe,” I told the dog.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw a block of dark and my head snapped up. My breath caught in my lungs and I jumped back, startled.

Jimmy was standing at his patio door, leaning on the top ledge with a cigarette in his hand.

It seems the “homeless” man from yesterday eventually did get a ride from the paramedics because he wasn’t able to walk. I don’t know anyone who sits with a broken leg. That thing should have been raised and he should have been in bed. Something just doesn’t set right about this.



2 thoughts on “Follow up: Homeless man’s plight

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