740869_10151353233539596_2129438301_o (1)

Met this guy ;0)

Spent time with this guy walking around our neighborhood in South Buffalo

773726_10151363766869596_1459860449_oFamily dinner nights.


Met some great people at my GEICO job

861205_10151485397539596_2146781476_oCelebrated Toby’s 8th birthday with homemade cupcakes.
970131_10151639362039596_1599669409_nHung out with Hannah at Olcott Beach.

883986_10151492062124596_454133461_oThis guy loved to meet me in the window each day after work.

Going to Ranchman’s restaurant in Ponder, Texas.

1048945_10151694287159596_86990006_oCross-country road trip with this girl!

1053175_10151722956834596_2143452904_oVisited the George W. Bush museum with Brent, Brandon and Craig.
1146201_10151783002344596_1069140773_oTook Toby swimming at Lewisville Lake.

My boyfriend and I enjoyed an evening with Bryan Adams last summer.

Bryan Adams concert with Brent!
1277928_10151869714074596_2071604238_o (1)

Fishing with Brent and this guy!1276837_10151871524464596_800686052_o

Enjoying Brent’s amazing cooking!


Turned 33 in style, thanks to some great work friends.


Toby made lots of new friends in Carrollton.1462885_10152057887174596_1635856398_n

Moved to the Lone Star state.


Ice storm 2013 in Dallas! Toby didn’t love it.


Throwback to my teen years: Shoney’s fudge cake with Amy ;0)


Lots of warm fires curled up with Brent & Toby.

1471251_175353029339264_67866395_n (1)

Toby & Jeeves became great friends (and soon-to-be brothers)


Michael W. Smith Christmas concert at the Dallas Symphony with Brent.


Got engaged to Sgt. Brent ;0) Got this gorgeous ring as a symbol of that comittment.


Christmastime spent in Louisiana…Jeeves loved the new tree!1536701_185468151661085_1266376106_nNew Years Eve 2014: Bays family tradition of making pizzas carries on!

Year in photos: 2013 is in the books

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