Jimmy vs. the old man (Round 1)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about my wacky neighbors. Got a juicy bit of gossip this morning that I wanted to share.

The old man who lives in the apartment across from us was totally hacked off today when I walked outside with Toby. It turns out, Jimmy (who lives below the old man) and Candy (who lives kitty corner from Jimmy and across from us on the other side) called the Humane Society. They saw him smack his dog Trixie once, and blew him in to the animal authorities.

“They said I abuse my animal, but my animal gets treated like a human. She get steak, chicken, lobstah, whatevah I give huh mixed with huh food. The Humane Society came in hee-uh (overlay Cajun accent) and they said, ‘This dog ain’t being abused hee-uh. She got everything she want.’ ”

Apparently, Jimmy and the old man had a run-in a week or so ago. I’d overheard it, but wasn’t sure of the details until this morning.

“I don’t play with my animal in my apaht-ment anymoe. I came out one muaw-ning and he stah-ted yelling at me sayin’ he can’t sleep due to my playing with my animal upstaz. And then he ovah they-uh with that woman (Candy) drinkin’ huh husband’s goods while he at wuh-k. I see it; I know yuh husband see it too. He drinkin’ huh husband’s booze while he at wuh-k.”

On and on he went…clearly upset and wanting his point to be heard…loudly.

“That woman has mental problems. And he’s in they-uh with huh and they conspired against me. And he’s on parole…fuh life! His cousins around hee-uh they broke in to these people’s apaht-ments and stole TVs and all kinds a things. And this apaht-ment complex they letting in trash hee-uh and driving good people out.”

Then Cowboy came up.

“He got homeless people livin’ down they-uh. And he in they-uh with huh (Candy) drinkin’ huh husband’s booze while he at wuhk!”


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