Baby Jake gets a new home

1011245_10152184918559596_1562169484_nOne evening last week I heard barking from inside Jimmy’s patio fence. Toby and I walked around to see what it was about, and what we saw made both our little hearts melt. There, next to Jimmy and Cowboy, was a tiny yellow Lab puppy.

He was hopping around and getting down into a pounce stance with his whip-like white tail wagging as fast as mine and Toby’s hearts were beating. The dogs made fast friends and I started gooing and gushing over the boy, with his tortoise shell-shaped carmel markings on his back.

Jimmy said he’d found the puppy on his walk home from the Super 1 foods a few blocks down from our complex. The puppy had a collar and part of a cable attached to it. Clearly, he was someone’s baby. Toby and I (AND the puppy) all made puppy dog eyes at Brent, but our man said we couldn’t take him home. We all said goodnight to the tiny guy and went to bed, promising to help Jimmy find the dog’s parents in the morning.

Later that day, Jimmy (dressed in a lime green linen leisure suit that looked more like pajamas than outdoor clothes) came to our door and said he’d looked for the dog’s owners to no avail. (Then he laid out his demands to my fiance: “Gimme a cold beer!” Brent said he didn’t have any. “Gimme a cold beer and a dollah!” Brent said he didn’t drink beer. “Gimme a dollah then.” I said we’d just spent our last available dollars on wedding items. “Ahhh! Congratulations, Man!” Jimmy said, heartily shaking Brent’s hand). So I took the puppy out and we looked for his mom and dad.

We drove…we walked…we talked to the post man….we knocked on doors….we ran into a K-9 police officer with her bloodhound…we rode around with the windows down in case someone would recognize the puppy. At the end of a couple hours, we ended up back home, the puppy tied up on a foot-long lead, laying in the sun with no water, on Jimmy’s porch (I had taken a bag of dog food and Milk Bones to their door that morning, but Jimmy’s girlfriend wouldn’t let me feed him. After a little pleading, she let me leave him a bone).

I called a couple animal shelters; our dog-loving neighbors did the same. We posted online, talked to the local dog park alliance and got in touch with friends from the Human Society. We had to keep the puppy at least 5 days before anyone would take him. Jimmy decided he was going to let him loose in the cold, freezing temperatures. My heart broke minute-by-minute not knowing the puppy’s fate.

At the last minute, I was outside talking to the puppy over Jimmy’s fence. Our neighbor, Candy, came outside and asked me who I was talking to. I introduced her to my new whisker-flecked friend. I’d forgotten, but Candy was looking for a Labradoodle for her own. She and Mike took the puppy in and gave him a new home.

They named the puppy Jake, and I gave them more food and bones, and a new tennis ball to play with. He’s happy now, and seems to be holding his own with the cat. Toby and I talk to him daily, and despite giving Candy and Mike a run for their money, he is falling into a new loving family.


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