The old man and the demons

I didn’t mention this, but a few days ago my fiance got accosted by the Old Man next door. “Aftahnoon, Sahge. Can I talk to you fuh a minute?”
What could my man say but yes? So standing there in his camo with his heavy gym bag on his shoulder, he listened to the Old Man talk about secret military experiments (the old guy is apparently a veteran) and how our neighbors are demon possessed.
Then he began a diatribe on his own salvation.
“This whole wuhld is gonna be sucked away when they come but you know one thing they can’t take from me Sahge?”
Brent cut in, tired of the weird banter.
“Let me stop you right there, Sir. They can’t take your faith in Jesus.”
“That’s right Sahge. They show can’t.”

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