Mike’s miracle

imgresI’ve written before about our neighbors here in Shreveport. We recently had an event that shook us all to the core.

Even “Jimmy the Drunk” was nursing an extra bottle or two after it happened, trying to dull his nerves.

It hit my fiance, Brent, like a concrete wall, sending him into a mood I’ve never seen on him. I think he might still be dealing with it, so I’m trying to be extra tender with him.

Let me set the scene for you: It was a gorgeous, sunny Sunday and I had to work. I came home on lunch to see Brent and our kids (dog Toby and cat Jeeves) and we took Toby on a little walk before I left. I said goodbye to my two favorite blondes and headed off to the local McDonald’s to get myself and a co-worker some much needed coffee.

About 10 minutes later I saw an ambulance tear down the road behind me. When I got to work, I pulled up the police dispatch page online and saw that there were 8 units on the scene at my apartment complex. I immediately picked up my cell phone to call Brent since he was just outside with Toby.

Brent had already texted me, about 10 minutes prior, to tell me that our neighbor, Mike, had hanged himself and Brent had to cut him down.

Let me tell you about Mike and his “wife” Candi if you will. They moved into an apartment / townhouse across from us. They are both a bit odd, and Brent often said to me that there was something going on there. We thought he might be on drugs because he often seemed to be in outer space when we’d say hello or give a friendly wave.

Candi, who isn’t really his wife, has her own set of demons. She’s always been kind to us, but we have often heard her yelling at Mike inside their townhouse. It seemed like something wasn’t right with them, but generally everything was quiet.

Until the other day, when Brent and I were walking Toby and we heard him screaming at her. The dog’s long, blue leash was outside on the ground. Between the yelling and since their dog had been sick with Parvo, we decided to step away from their patio.

A few minutes later, Mike used that leash to try and take his life.

Candi came out onto the patio just as Brent was taking Toby inside. She was covering her eyes and pointing inside her apartment. Brent saw Mike swinging from the stair railing and headed down to help. He held up Mike’s body with some help from Cowboy, and tried to get oxygen to him while screaming for the wife to get a knife.

It took her some time, but she got a knife and Brent cut Mike down. His face was blue, blood was seeping from the corners of his eyes. EMS arrived and took Mike to the hospital (where he remains, on a breathing tube).

Here’s the miracle — Mike is going to be fine, without any brain damage.




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