I’ve learned something about truth: I can’t expect truth in a relationship with someone who won’t allow us both to be vulnerable in each other’s presence.

So what does it take to reach that level of vulnerability?

2 things, I think — trust and confidence in both myself and that other person. I’d like to unwind this a bit and see what it looks like in reverse.

The Apostle Paul tells us to speak the truth in love. Most of my life I was too afraid to speak the truth. When that changed, I became almost “too” able to speak the truth. It was absent love and I hurt people with my quick tongue.

Sometimes I’m still abrasive, most often catching people off-guard and making them defensive — I know that about myself. Regardless of the truth, without wrapping it in love, it loses its power in that moment I dump it raw and ragged into the soul of another.

People trusted Jesus because they felt his love for them. He also exuded confidence — not in Himself, but in His Father — and He drew people unto Himself.  Then, then, He spoke truth into their lives. He never blew in where He wasn’t invited.

It’s still like that with the Holy Spirit. He brings us to truth after we’ve established a relationship with God. And so we feel the Spirit’s conviction, gently urging us to tear open some untruth we’re holding onto and dash it at the foot of the cross.

Right where the truest love was displayed.

That unbridled love is what draws us and calls us to be vulnerable to God. It’s then that He can come in and whisper truth into our souls, as we’re curled up in His great love.




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