Shades of Sunrise: How Hope Appeared

IMG_0988Just thinking about those early sunrises, walking from my car into the building

Crunching through the ice and snow on the ground

A song in my head, bursting through my lips, not caring about who saw or heard

My only hope was knowing You were around

In the whispering wind, in the golden sunshine, I saw my tomorrows

Painted in yellows, oranges and blues

Stretched across the sky in brilliant shades rising from the river’s tide

Something softly spoken in the hues

You’d ripped me away from the clouds of sin and sadness

Drove the dark of doubt away

Tore away the veil of depression that had smothered me

Even as they were covering the grave

You saw me there, locked away and fighting my own mind

Don’t know how I got to that place

And I heard Your words clearly, above the demons chasing each thought

And gave another second chance because of grace

Do You remember those moments, surely destined to die in shame

A tormented and tattered soul

Somehow You made me believe in better things to come

Even as You made me whole

Those days seem so long ago, cemented in history

A decade next year

But this morning it feels like yesterday

And again I need You near


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