In the heartland

Oddly enough (if you read my last post you’ll catch the reference), I stood just a few feet away from Dan Dean this morning. He’s the pastor of a new church I’m going to here in the Dallas area.

We didn’t sing “Top of My Lungs” in church worship this morning or anything, but I think God concocted something ironic for me today, helping me truly catch the wave of restoration He’s been shoving my way lately.

Anyhow, the church service this morning was a great experience. The inside of Heartland Church reminds me a lot of a modern take on Shakespeare’s The Globe theater with its roundness and stout layout with partial amphitheater seating.

Dusty Dean preached this morning, and his father read the greeting and announcements. Devin Dean led worship–I knew a couple of the songs.

At some point, the atmosphere inside the sanctuary changed radically. It wasn’t the smoke on stage or the music that altered things. It was a clear visitation of God’s swift and swooping spirit rushing into the meeting. I love that feeling–I crave it really.

Everything got really still and I felt like I was in another place looking in. There was an undeniable presence, but not a weight. The nearness of God was consuming to the point that even breathing seemed like too much of a distraction.

All was simply too fragile to risk breaking the invisible membrane of God’s hover. I could have stayed in those moments for hours.

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