Media: the push for “sexy”

Sometimes I hate the news, really I do. As a journalist, I can honestly say that the reason I love news is often the same reason why I hate it.

The truth is, most news is downer stuff. Not much wholesome, positive news gets readers, let alone gets readers to pay for it. And so we the media peddle sex, death, crime, tragedy, evil and politics. And it sells.

We have a word for this kind of stuff: “sexy news.”

And then we try to “sex it up” even more with our intros and outros and lead lines and nut graphs and headlines and cutlines and graphics and voice overs. Last night I read a really sexy intro to a story about two elderly people who were killed while crossing a railroad track:

“The lives of an elderly couple have been stopped in their tracks….”

Reader, they ran it.

Here’s another story that just made my blood boil, so much that I almost walked out of the newsroom last night.

(To be continued…)

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