Relaxing on the range

If yesterday was like swimming underwater with weights tied to my ankles and wrists, today was like floating on crystal blue sun-drenched water. Work was a breeze and afterward my boyfriend took me out to the Texas countryside to meet some of his out-of-town relatives.

After a nice, refreshing chat, my boyfriend and I took his niece outside to play with her pop rockets. We took turns catching the rocket as it plummeted to the ground. It was great fun and good to burn off some stress out in the fresh, range air.

We drove back to my home in Dallas and the moon was out, high and bright in the inky blue sky. The man-in-the-moon paid us a visit along Route 35, never knowing that two star-stuck lovebirds were gawking at him from below.

Later, I relaxed again being held in my boyfriend’s arms as he held me close. Stress and worry melted away as his arm, curled around me, brought me strength and relaxation.

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