Just an update

My boyfriend in a USAF meeting.

My boyfriend in a USAF meeting.

Good Morning, Readers!

I wanted to update you quickly on my boyfriend’s possible deployment. As of last night, he’s still “in the clear” as the person in line to deploy ahead of him was told he’s still on the hook.

Nothing is chiseled in stone just yet. My boyfriend is bringing his cat back to his family’s homestead just in case he gets sent away.

He told me, “Until he gets on that airplane, I’m not 100% sure of anything.”

Things change in a minute here on Planet Earth. Sometimes just not knowing what might happen is the hardest part of being in a relationship. That’s where trusting God plays a big part.

A friend reminded me that trusting the Almighty is the ultimate goal in life anyhow. God’s hands are massive, holding the entire world securely inside the Milky Way. I know He’s in control.

In the mean time, I’m digging into the Psalms for encouragement. They are full of blessings and praises to God.

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