Favorite things


I’m sitting here in the peaceful dark, my first fire of the season snapping in the hearth — this is one of the most perfect moments I’ve had in months.

There’s something about the scent of a campfire and cool autumn air floating over my skin that makes me wonder why humanity has a care in the world.

Today, it was the drive home from work. Yesterday, it was the last few minutes of 24 hours spent in counsel with the Almighty. Often it’s music, my Labrador retriever, or my boyfriend.

It’s silence, long road trips, the chirruping of birds before the sunrise. I come alive and undone when my head tips upward to see an indigo sky studded with stars.

It’s the hum and warmth of clothes tumbling in the dryer.


it’s waking up to warm, moist dog breath blowing on my face from a sleeping dog beside me.

It’s the first taste of chocolate after a long, long time of abstaining; it’s the way my fingers feel hitting the ivories for the first time in months.

The nutty, woodsy aroma of coffee brewing early in the morning; it’s the bittersweet bite of a fresh picked blackberry exploding in my mouth.

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