Christmas winter wonderland

This Christmas I was missing my family so I hitched a ride with my sister in Georgia and rode home to Niagara Falls, New York. The day we drove in was rainy and gloomy, and overnight all that water dipped below freezing and blanched the world with ice. It looked like something straight out of Super Mario Bros. winter world.

Winter Wonderland

It all pretty much melted that day and the next, so by the night of Dec. 23, we were thinking it might be another green Christmas for Western New York. My nephew and I hoped for snow, but thought we might be disappointed. To my surprise, I woke up on Christmas Eve (day) to at least 3 inches of snow on the grown and flakes falling through pristine winter air. It was magical. I felt like a kid again with each sparkly, glittering snowflake.

Window Christmas

Spending time with my family was the salve I really needed after a bustling year. Early last December, I moved to Buffalo, then in June moved to Dallas, and now on to Louisiana. Toby and I have trotted all over the country, seeing beautiful things and taking in the wonder of God’s green Earth. After all the racing, it was so healing to settle down inside the frosty winter air and be at home.



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